EVERYDAY  (Alltag)

New England Premiere


Directed by Neco Celik
Screenplay by Neco Celik and Nadya Derado from a story by Florian Panzner, Neelesha Bavora, Kida Ramadan, Erhan Emre
Cast: Florian Panzner, Erhan Emre, Neelesh Bavora, Andreas Guenthe, Kida Ramadan, Ingeborg Westphal, Jule Bowe
2002, 90 minutes
In German with English subtitles


Everyday (Alltag) tells the story of a tough neighborhood nicknamed Little Istanbul for its large Turkish immigrant population in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Veit manages a small laundromat in the neighborhood. He has a sister who helps him out financially, a drug-addicted brother, a mentally ill mother, and a beautiful Turkish neighbor, Aliyah, who is engaged to a Turkish man. A deadly competition develops between Veit and Aliyah's fiancé, culminating in a brutal fight on a subway platform.


Neco Celik, a former graffiti sprayer and youth gang member himself from Little Istanbul, has gained a reputation as the Spike Lee of his time and place with this debut film.  


"Alltag does not seem like the work of an amateur. It is a rough story that takes place in a rough neighborhood, centering on a deadly competition between two men, one German, one Turk, for the love of a beautiful Turkish woman. But Neco Celik is not interested in a storybook ethnic conflict. In Alltag there is only one culture, the desperation-tinged youth culture of Kreuzberg itself, and while that may not exactly corresond to real life, it is Kreuzberg’s separateness from the rest of the Germany, and not the separateness of those who live within the district, that Neco Celik wanted to depict." (New York Times)

About the Director: Neco Celik

Neco Celik was born in 1972 in Kreuzberg, Berlin. He received a degree in graphic design in 1993, and passed a qualification course on Social Pedagogics and Youth Work in 1999. A German citizen since 1992, he works as a social worker at Kreuzberger Youth and Culture Center.

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