Annemin Şarkısı

Song of My Mother | Annemin Sarkisi | Erol Mintas | Boston Turkish Film Festival

Ali, a young teacher, lives with his mother, Nigar, in the Tarlabaşı district of Istanbul until an urban regeneration project uproots them from their home. After being forced to evacuate their village in Eastern Turkey in the 1990s, they now find their lives interrupted once again. Problems start when they move out to a remote new construction area surrounded by tall buildings. Convinced that all her old neighbors have returned
to the village, Nigar packs up her belongings every morning ready to move back too. Some days she gets lost in the city. Ali tries different ways of keeping her company: he takes her with him wherever he goes on his motorbike, buys her little chicks to look after and keep her busy, and tries to hunt down a cassette with the song she has been dreaming about. At the same time, Ali discovers that his girlfriend, Zeynep, is pregnant, but he doesn’t feel ready to become a father. He is torn between the two women.

Selected Festivals and Awards

  • Sarajevo International Film Festival (2014): Best Film
  • Antalya Golden Orange International Film Festival, Turkey (2014): Best First Film, Best Actor (Feyyaz Duman), Best Supporting Actor (Aziz Çapkurt), Best Music
  • Malatya Film Festival, Turkey (2014): Best Screenplay and SIYAD Awards
  • Mons International Love Film Festival, Belgium (2015): Special Jury Prize, Best Actor (Feyyaz Duman) (2015)
  • Nantes Festival des 3 Continents, France (2014): Silver Balloon and Audience Awards
  • Festival on Wheels, Turkey (2014)
  • Pune International Film Festival, India (2015)
  • Istanbul International Film Festival, Turkey (2015 - to be announced): Nominated for Human Rights in Cinema Competition


Erol Mintas | Boston Turkish Film FestivalErol Mintaş graduated from the Marmara University Department of Computer & Teaching Technologies in 2006, after which he began a postgraduate degree at the Marmara University, Department of Film Production. He wrote his thesis on the cinema of Tarkovsky. While still al student, Mintaş worked on numerous short films as first assistant director and director of photography. He made two short films which won awards. Song of My Mother is his first feature film. The project was selected to take part in the Meetings on the Bridge Development Workshop during the 2011 Istanbul Film Festival, and the Sundance Lab held by !F Film Festival in 2012 and won the post production award at the Meetings on the Bridge in 2014.

Erol Mintaş's short, Snow (Berf), received Special Mention by the Jury at the Boston Turkish Festival's Documentary and Short Film Competition in 2010, and his first short, Butimar, was finalist in the 2008 competition.


12:00 pm
Remis Auditorium

Museum of Fine Arts
465 Huntington Avenue, Boston



Song of My Mother | Annemin Sarkisi | Erol Mintas | Boston Turkish Film Festival

Directed by
Erol Mintaş 


Feyyaz Duman, Zübeyde Ronahi,
Nesrin Cavadzade, Aziz Çapkurt

2014 / 100 min.
with English subtitles


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