13th Annual Boston Turkish Film Festival | March 20 - April 26 2014


İnat Hikayeleri

A Tribute to the Legendary Actor of Turkish Cinema: Tuncel Kurtiz

Inat Hikayeleri - Tales of Intransigence - Reis Celik

This improvised film made by a film crew of only two people - just the director and an actor - who have gone to the region and realized it with the members of the local community, may be the first of its kind ...

Now there is competition for the horse sleigh that provides for the transport of the village in winter. The rival of sleigh owner Daşo is a red minivan. But as the sleigh-man may take the short cut over the Çıldır lake frozen in winter, he claims that the minivan cannot drive through the lake and so this new rival cannot be faster than him. As for the minivan owner, he has other plans to come out victorious in this intransigence. While the race between these two goes on, the passengers of the sleigh and of the minivan tell each other tales of intransigence. The tales of "Wishbone", "Five Straws One Broken Heart" and "Şaho, the Swindler" are performed, parallel to the race of the sleigh and the minivan...

Selected Festivals and Awards

  • International Istanbul Film Festival, Turkey (2004)
  • Strasbourg Documentary Films Week, France (2003): 1st Prize Alsace-Europe

About TUNCEL KURTİZ (1936 - 2013)

Tuncel KurtizTuncel Kurtiz was an acclaimed actor in theatre, cinema, and TV series, and also a playwright and film director. He acted in more than 70 movies, including many international productions. He acted on stage at the Gothenburg City Theatre, Stockholm Royal Theatre and Swedish Theatre in Sweden, Schaubühne Berlin, Frankfurt City Theatre and Hamburg City Theatre in Germany, and at Peter Brook Shakespeare Royal Theatre in England. Kurtiz directed plays for the German-Turkish theatre project "Türkisches Ensemble" in the late 1970s. He was close friends with renowned film director Yılmaz Güney and together they made a number of films, including the 1970 film Hope (Umut).

Tuncel Kurtiz died at the age of 77 on September 27th, 2013 in Istanbul.


Reis CelikReis Çelik was born in Ardahan in 1961. He studied music and drama at the State Conservatory. As a student he had several essays, short stories, poems and reviews published in literary and political periodicals. In 1982 he began a career in journalism, working as economics/political correspondent for various national newspapers. His first venture in the world of film came in 1982, with TV series Anadolu’dan Selam Postasi, targeting specifically Turkish immigrants in Europe. Around the same time, he began making documentary films, commercial and political campaign films, as well as maintaining an active interest in photography. To date he has held exhibitions of his photographic work in 12 countries. He played a key role in establishing ATV, one of the first private TV channels. He left the media in the mid-1990s to devote his time to cinema. His most recent film Night of Silence (Lâl Gece) received Crystal Bear award at the Berlin Film Festival in 2012.

Reis Çelik is the recipient of the 2014 Boston Turkish Festival Award for Excellence in Turkish Cinema.


Night of Silence (Lâl Gece, 2012)
Refugee (Mülteci, 2007)
Tales of Intransigence (İnat Hikayeleri, 2004)
Goodbye Tomorrow (Hoşçakal Yarın, 1998)
Let There Be Light (Işıklar Sönmesin, 1996)






Written and Directed by
Reis Çelik

Tuncel Kurtiz

2003 / 90 min.
with English subtitles


Friday, March 21, 2014 | 5:00 p.m. Remis Auditorium
Museum of Fine Arts
465 Huntington Avenue, Boston

Discussion with the director
following the screening

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