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Anadolu’nun Kayıp Şarkıları

The Lost Songs of Anatolia - Anadolu'nun Kayip Sarkilari

A musical voyage among the exotic places and people of Anatolia, which is the unique host of ancient civilizations, empires, as well as mythologies, and the glory of 10 millennia. With 350 hours of footage and 8 years of hard labor and creative studies, The Lost Songs of Anatolia may be the first of its kind; an experimental musical-documentary. The cultural riches of Anatolia are sung in authentic performances recorded live on location, spontaneously. With modern arrangements, an incomparable musical is formed. While this journey is showing how music and culture is derived from life, geography and work, an exploration of Anatolia’s versatile cultures also takes place on the basis of music, dance and rituals. The staggering environment surrounding these people and influencing their lifestyles contribute to the lyric flow of the film.


Nezih UnenNezih Ünen was born and lived in Bursa, Turkey until the age of 18 when he moved to Istanbul for college. During his school years, he had a keen interest in music and photography. Throughout his engineering education at the Bosporus University, he took part in music and drama, as well as a number of photography exhibitions. After receiving his degree, Ünen decided to pursue a career in music. Driven by an urge to explore new ideas rather than being confined to any one specific area of expertise, he captured a unique way in which to blend different musical cultures and styles in most of his works. Over the past 20 years of his music career as a composer, producer, arranger and singer, he produced numerous music videos and film scores. These experiences gave him the courage to start his first film "Lost Songs of Anatolia."

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Directed by Nezih Ünen

Doc. / 2010 / 94 min.
with English subtitles

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Saturday, March 30, 2013 | 1:00 p.m.

Remis Auditorium
Museum of Fine Arts
465 Huntington Avenue, Boston

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