Boston Turkish Film and Music Festival12th ANNUAL BOSTON TURKISH FILM FESTIVAL SM
March 21 - April 27, 2013



Sebla Akbulut, harp
Hayat Köprüce Mertel, soloist

Nağme Yarkın, kemenche


Sebla AkbulutSebla Akbulut was born in Istanbul in 1984 and started her musical career in piano. In 1995, she began studying the harp at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory. After working with Sevin Berk for six years, she completed her undergraduate education with İpek Mine Sonakın. She successfully graduated performing Debussy’s “Dance Sacrée et Profane” together with Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory Orchestra. In 2006, she earned her master’s degree in Master of Music in Education at Yeditepe University. She also achieved various musical skills by attending several master classes both in Turkey and in foreign countries. She performed at a number of concerts with different chamber music groups. Later on, her interest in Turkish Classical Music led her to start a project named “The Harp in Makams”, including also vocals and kemenches. The main target of the project, which premiered at Izmir Ahmet Adnan Saygun Cultural Center, is to give the harp a different point of view in Turkish Classical Music. She actively took role within The Association for the Art of the Harp for two years and performed a piece for Ceren Necipoğlu's album. In 2010, she trained students with insufficient means, as a volunteering instructor of Community Volunteers. Since 2011, she has been studying at The Boston Conservatory GDP, and she is presently studying with Felice Pomeranz, Professor of Harp, Berklee College Boston and adjunct Professor, The Boston Conservatory.

Hayat Kopruce MertelHayat Köprüce Mertel was born in İstanbul in 1976. Her talent in music was recognized from early ages in school choirs and performances. She attended both Beşiktaş Girls’ High School and İstanbul University Turkish Music Faculty. She had the opportunity to study with eminent teachers like Süheyla Altmışdört, Fatih Şalgar, and İsmail Hakkı Özkan. She gave concerts with The Choir of İstanbul University. She was majored in voice training faculty in Istanbul Technical University. She also studied with distinguished names, who contributed significantly to Turkish music, such as Prof. Dr. Selahattin İçli,  Prof. Dr. Alattin Yavaşça, Tülin Korman , and Erol Uras. She graduated by finishing her study on correct voice training and the treatment of voice illnesses by voice exercises. She took teacher training classes at her university between 2001-2009, and studied at the Orff Schulwerk Education and Consulting Center, which enabled her to work as a music teacher in various kindergarten and elementary schools. She still takes voice training lessons from Nilgün Onat who is a lecturer at Haliç University, School of Music Faculty. She is interested in world music and continues to extend her repertoire.

Nagme YarkinNağme Yarkın, born into a family of musicians, started taking piano lessons from Faris Akarsu at the age of three, and began studying piano at Istanbul University State Conservatory at the age of five. After completing her training in Western Classical Music, she decided to learn Turkish Music in addition to her secondary education, and she began studying at Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music Conservatory. She has been trained in Classical Kemenche for 11 years, and has worked for the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation’s (TRT) youth choir as a kemenche player. She has completed her higher education in the composition department. She has been trained in composition for one semester in Estonia in the Erasmus Program. Currently, she is a graduate student at Istanbul University in the Department of Composition. She is writing her thesis on movie soundtracks and working as a research assistant. She is also a member of Kervansaray – Yarkın Rhythm Group.  She continues to work on both movie soundtracks and concerts, and CD productions consisting of her own compositions. Nağme Yarkın has performed at various concerts in Turkey, the Netherlands and the United States. She has had the chance to work with musicians including Yavuz Özüstün, Prof. Emel Çelebioğlu, Prof. Dr. Selahattin İçli, Cüneyd Orhon, İhsan Özgen, Mete Sakpınar, Halil Karaduman, Dr. Nail Yavuzoğlu, and Oğuzhan Balcı.


Nihavend Saz Semaisi | Hasib Dede | Arr. by Sebla Akbulut

Hüseyni Makamı : Hayal Deryasına | Selahattin Pınar | Arr. by Ahmet Cemal Öksüz

Buselik Makamı: Dil Bestenim Meshurunum | Vecdi Seyhun | Arr. by Ahmet Cemal Öksüz

Aegean for Harp (World Premiere) | Tamer Tarhan

Nihavend Makamı: Vücud İklimi | Hacı Arif Bey | Arr. by Ahmet Cemal Öksüz

Mahur Saz Semaisi | Reşat Talat Alpman | Arr. by Sebla Akbulut

Segâh Makamı: Düştü Enginlere | Refik Fersan | Arr. by Nağme Yarkın

Acemkürdi Makamı: Rüzgar Uyumuş | Refik Fersan | Arr. by Ahmet Cemal Oksuz

Acemkürdi Makamı: Zehretme Hayatı | Zeki Müren | Arr. by Ahmet Cemal Öksüz

Kürdili Hicazkar Longa | Haydar Tatlıyay

Acemkürdi Makamı: Fikrimin İnce Gülü | İsmail Hakkı Bey | Arr. by Ahmet Cemal Öksüz

Acemaşiran Makamı: Gönlüm Düşüyor | İsmail Baha Sürelsan | Arr. by Ahmet Cemal Öksüz

Hisar Buselik Makamı: Dök Zülfünü | Tanburi Mustafa Çavuş | Arr. by Ahmet Cemal Öksüz

Şehnaz Longa | Santuri Ethem | Arr. by Sebla Akbulut

Nihavend Makamı: Hatırla Sevgili | Muhlis Sabahattin Ezgi | Arr. by Sebla Akbulut

Nihavend Saz Semaisi | Reşat Aysu | Arr. by Sebla Akbulut

Nihavend Makamı: Gökyüzünde Yalnız Gezen Yıldızlar | Teoman Alpay | Arr. by Sebla Akbulut

Hicaz Şarkı: Ey Büt-i Nev Eda | Dede Efendi | Arr. by Ahmet Cemal Öksüz




We are accustomed to see the harp in Western Classical Music, but it actually has had an important place in all musical traditions including in the music of the Ottoman Empire. In this concert, you'll hear harp in the best works of Turkish Classical Music by harpist Sebla Akbulut, with her broad musical spectrum ranging from the works of neo-classical period to contemporary composers, with soloist Hayat Köprüce Mertel, and kemenche player Nağme Yarkın.
The group will take you to a journey into the magical world of harp from rast makam to nihavend, from hicaz makam to segah, and from the works which we are familiar with to timeless classics.



Saturday, April 27, 2013 | 8:00 p.m.

Goethe Institut
170 Beacon Street, Boston

Tickets $20, Students $15

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