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March 24 - April 30, 2011

Prensesin Uykusu - Sleeping Princess


Prensesin Uykusu

North America Premiere

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Friday, April 8, 2011    7:30 p.m.
Remis Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts
465 Huntington Avenue, Boston

Directed by Cagan Irmak

Cast: Alican Yucesoy, Sevinc Erbulak, Ayse Nil Samlioglu, Genco Erkal, Isil Yucesoy

2010 / 110 min. / In Turkish with English subtitles


Aziz works as a clerk in a library and lives a quiet and peaceful life in his own little world. One day, Secil, the owner of a new beauty parlor in the neighborhood, and her 10 year-old daughter Gizem, move into the apartment building where Aziz lives. Leading a more colorful life now with his new neighbors, his life is overshadowed when the little girl falls into a deep sleep. Gizem’s slumber triggers off a whole set of events and a bunch of ordinary-looking but distinctive characters join together to try to change the course of fate.


  • London Turkish Film Festival, U.K. (2010)
  • Yesilcam Awards, Istanbul, Turkey (2010)


Cagan IrmakCagan Irmak graduated from Aegean University, School of Press and Broadcasting from the Department of Radio-TV. He was awarded the Sedat Simavi Prize for his short films Fairy-Tale and Victim. In 1992, he started working as assistant director. His short film Play Me Old and Wise was awarded the first runner-up prize at IFSAK in 1998. Irmak later worked as director in television and quickly made a name for himself with his original style (Asmali Konak, 2002; Cemberimde Gul Oya, 2004). In 2003 his second feature film which he wrote and directed, All About Mustafa (Mustafa Hakkinda Hersey), was highly acclaimed by film critics. My Father and Son (Babam ve Oglum), in 2005, was awarded the Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Picture prizes by SIYAD (Turkish Film Critics' Association). After telling a fantastic story with The Messenger (Ulak) in 2007, the director made a great ticketbox success in Turkey in 2008 with Alone (Issiz Adam) which was also written and directed by him.

Most of Cagan Irmak's earlier works were screened at the Boston Turkish Film Festival; All About Mustafa/Mustafa Hakkinda Hersey in 2006, My Father and Son/Babam ve Oglum in 2007, The Messenger/Ulak in 2009, and In Darkness/Karanliktakiler in 2010.

Selected Filmography:

Sleeping Princess (Prensesin Uykusu, 2010)
In Darkness (Karanliktakiler, 2009)
Alone (Issiz Adam, 2008)
The Messenger (Ulak, 2007)
My Father and Son (Babam ve Oglum, 2005)
All About Mustafa (Mustafa Hakkinda Hersey, 2003)
Cemberinde Gul Oya (TV series, 2004)
Asmali Konak (TV series, 2002)
Play Me Old and Wise (short, 1998)




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