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March 24 - April 30, 2011

Kars Oykuleri - Tales from Kars


Kars Oykuleri

North America Premiere


Saturday, March 26, 2011    1:00 p.m.
Remis Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts
465 Huntington Avenue, Boston

Directed by Ozcan Alper, Zehra Derya Koc, Ulku Oktay, Ahu Ozturk, Emre Akay

Cast: Sebnem Kostem, Alican Tamet, Demet Tarim, Zarif Tamet, Deniz Cevik, Ayda Aksel, Muge Ulusoy, Riza Akin, Birsu Demir, Berna Adiguzel, Erol Babaoglu, Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan, Ozan Bilen, Nihal Menzil, Necmettin Cobanoglu, Aygul Kocak, Iskender Bagcilar, Yasar Karabulak, Bennu Yildirimlar, Riza Sonmez

2010 / 78 min. / In Turkish with English subtitles


Omnibus of five short films that were shot in the Turkish province of Kars: “Moto Guzzi” by Ozcan Alper, “Ash” (Kul) by Zehra Derya Koc, “Zilo” by Ulku Oktay, “Open Wound” (Acik Yara) by Ahu Ozturk, “A Small Truth” (Kucuk Bir Hakikat) by Emre Akay.    Among the five directors are three debutants who were chosen to film their stories after winning a scenario contest. The final result is a sympathetic collection of films that remain small and simple: the puppy love between a boy and a girl on their winter trip to school, the memories of a young woman about her mother's response to her first menstruation and bra, and the story of a student who returns to his village, but all too soon flees again for the past that is waiting for him there. The stories take place strikingly often around the cemetery and look at things from the past being revealed.


  • Rotterdam Film Festival, The Netherlands (2010)
  • Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2010)
  • Jerusalem Film Festival, Israel (2010)
  • Warsaw Film Festival, Poland (2010)
  • Beirut Film Festival, Lebanon (2010)
  • Hamburg Film Festival, Germany (2010)
  • Vancouver Film Festival, Canada (2010)
  • Valencia Film Festival, Spain (2010)
  • Bratislava Film Festival, Slovakia (2010)
  • Mumbai Film Festival, India (2010)
  • Istanbul Film Festival, Turkey (2010)
  • Festival on Wheels, Turkey (2010)
  • Roma Independent Film Festival, Italy (2011)
  • Sofia International Film Festival, Bulgaria (2011)



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