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March 27 - May 9, 2009

Hazan Mevsimi - A Fairground Attraction

"A Fairground Attraction …The best Turkish movie that we received this year…2007."
Sergio Grmek Germani, Consultant of Venice Film Festival


Hazan Mevsimi - Bir Panayir Hikayesi

North America Premiere

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Thursday, April 2    8:15 p.m.
Remis Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts
465 Huntington Avenue, Boston

Written and directed by Mehmet Eryilmaz

Cast: Zümrüt Erkin, Fatih Al, Erol Babaoglu, Tarik Köksal, Ahu Sila Bayer, Halil Kumova, Figen Yalcin, Erol Tezeren

35mm / 2007 / 113 min.
In Turkish with English subtitles


This is the bitter and brief story of two desperate lovers that takes place on a fairground. The story of Cemal, a layman working at the construction site near the fairground, and of Necla, a wandering chanteuse reciting at the tents of any fairground. Both incapable of settling down. Both living life like a rolling stone, wandering where ever the wind may blow. Although it looks like a fun and magnificent way of life, working on the fairground is certainly not what it seems… Fairgrounds are a cultural heritage that are, like most medieval crafts, leading to near extinction. Consequently creating compulsive and unstable relations between those who are tormented within the process. 

A Fairground Attraction is a modern day fairy tale, articulate in its own rite, precise in its indigenous jargon where the story is meticulously laid out. Whilst the outstanding visualization of the fairground is phenomenal, the explosive emotional properties of this minor group of people are interpreted in an affectionate style and a humane approach.

The film subliminally portrays the decay of the fairgrounds' economic ecosystem, which in turn is the essence of the misery and pain of these two people, who are obsessively in love.



  • Istanbul Film Festival, Turkey (2008)
  • Love is Folly International Film Festival, Bulgaria (2008)
  • Alexandria International Film Festival, Egypt (2008)



Mehmet EryilmazMehmet Eryılmaz graduated from the radio and television department of Marmara University in 1984. He continued his studies between 1984 and 1986 as a visiting post-graduate student at the cinema and television department of Mimar Sinan University. Professionally he began as early as 1983 to work as a stills photographer and assistant director for the local film industry. In 1985, he started writing and directing his own short, experimental and documentary films, as well as a diversity of commercials and music videos. Examples include his award-winning work for the Foundation for the Blind, a series of documentaries for the search and rescue association AKUT, and several public spots for the disabled.

Eryılmaz has also earned recognition known for his series of documentary films on traditional Turkish music, or ‘musiki’, which he began making in 1994. To date, he has directed 17 films, excluding his commercial and music video work, and won 13 awards. He has participated in several local and international festivals and served on festival juries. He continues today to work as a freelance director.

Mehmet Eryilmaz's documentary, "The Songs of Nazim Hikmet" was screened at the 9th Boston Turkish Arts & Culture Festival in 2004.


  • A Fairground Attraction (2007, writer, director producer)
  • Climates (2006, actor)
  • Dawn Warrior - Documentary on musician Cinucen Tanrikorur (2003, writer, director)
  • The Songs of Nazim Hikmet (2001, writer, director - creative documentary)
  • An Eternal Flame (2001, writer, director - documentary marking the 50th anniversary of the Foundation for the Blind)
  • Documentaries on the lives of Kani Karaca and Necdet Yasar; for the series, "Turkish Musicians from Past to Present" (2000, writer, director)
  • Documentaries on the history of the State Conservatory from the Ottoman times and on, music in Turkey over the last 75 years; for the Foundation for Social History (1999, writer, director)
  • Documentary on the life of Bekir Sidki Sezgin; for the series "Turkish Musicians from Past to Present (1996, writer, director)
  • Turkish sequence of a documentary on fermentation processes; for Sakura Motion Picture Co., Japan (1996, writer, director)
  • Bedr - A Full Moon in Cinema; documentary on the career of award-winning Turkish actor Tuncel Kurtiz in Berlin Film Festival (1995, writer, director)
  • Documentary on the life of great Turkish singer Aleaddin Yavasca; first in the series "Turkish Musicians from Past to Present" (1994, writer, director)
  • I Love, Therefore I Am (1993, writer, director - short experimental drama)
  • Dancing Boys (1992, writer, director - short documentary)
  • Silent (1991, writer, director - short experimental; screened at Oberhausen and Berlin Film Festivals)
  • Fairground (1989, writer, director - short documentary)
  • 8 Youth Series for TRT-2 TV channel; four short dramas adapted from short stories (1987, writer, director)
  • Turkey's Mountains; documentary for French producer broadcast on TRT TV station (1987, writer, director)
  • Dead Horse (1985, writer, director - 16mm experimental short - IFSAK Istanbul Amateur Cinema & Photography Club Award,Turkey; Giffony Film Festival, Italy)





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