Boston Turkish Film and Music Festival8th ANNUAL BOSTON TURKISH FILM FESTIVAL SM
March 27 - May 9, 2009

Photography (esthema) by Ellen Bellini Photography (

“a seamless blend of Eastern and Western motifs:
Ethnic scales and meters intertwine delightfully with jazz-rock drums
and bass beneath jazzy improv and winding melodies.”

- John Collinge, Progression Magazine

“Esthema has added something else to the normally staid
jazz-rock sound – a heavy Eastern European influence – that makes
the six instrumentals on Apart From The Rest a unique listening experience.”

- Todd Sikorski, Skope Magazine


In Concert

Onur Dilisen, violin
Tery Lemanis,
oud, bouzuki
Bruno Esrubilsky,
drums, percussion
Ignacio Long,
Andy Milas, guitar

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Saturday, May 9    8:00 p.m.
Tower Auditorium
Massachusetts College of Art

621 Huntington Avenue, Boston




Admission $10

Tickets can be purchased at the door starting one hour before the concert (ON-LINE TICKET SALES ARE CLOSED)

Esthema’s music is a fusion of sounds from different cultures and genres. Elements taken from the musical traditions of the Eastern European/Balkan and Near/Middle Eastern regions are intertwined with Progressive Rock and Jazz to create the sounds of a World Fusion Ensemble. The five musicians that shape the sound of Esthema bring together both Western and Eastern instruments to form a unique blend. Bouzouki, Oud, Doumbek, and Violin color the compositions with their beautifully Eastern tone while Guitar, Bass, and Drums elicit the many Western influences that shape the sound of Esthema.

The members of Esthema bring together lifetimes of education and experience.
Onur Dilisen (violin)
was born, raised, and began his studies in Turkey and is currently in the Master’s violin performance program at the Boston Conservatory.
Tery Lemanis (oud/bouzouki), a graduate from Berklee College of Music’s guitar performance program has studied Bouzouki, Oud, and Byzantine music in Greece as part of Berklee’s exchange program.
Bruno Esrubilsky (drums/percussion), from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has studied, taught, and toured throughout Europe (Ireland, England, Portugal, Belgium, and Spain), Brazil, and the States and is currently enrolled in Berklee’s Performance and Music Business and Management programs. Ignacio Long (bass), born in Patagonia, Argentina, has studied in Buenos Aires, New York, and Boston, where he concentrated in Composition and Film Score at Berklee College of Music. Ignacio graduated in 2007.
Andy Milas (guitar) has been performing traditional and contemporary Greek music for over a decade throughout New England. He has also written and arranged for Progressive Rock, Greek, New Age, and Jazz musical projects that he has been a part of.

As people, the individuals in Esthema come from very different places with very different experiences. As musicians, they bring those places and experiences together into one musical setting.

Esthema’s collaboration can be experienced on their first CD, APART FROM THE REST. The six compositions that make up the CD were written by Andy Milas and arranged by the entire ensemble. Throughout, you will hear the elements of Eastern and Western music: Western Jazz improvisation and Eastern Taxims, Latin Samba and Eastern Kasilama, Western modes such as Aeolian and Phrygian and Eastern Scales/Maqams like Hijaz, Sabah, and Nihavent. All boundaries were erased in the creation of this music to allow the worlds to collide and become one. The music is a true synergy of Eastern and Western musical elements.

Since early spring 2007, Esthema has been performing throughout the Boston area. In September of the same year they had their first performance in New York City and since, they have expanded into new areas of New England.




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