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March 27 - May 11, 2008


 TROIA   (Troya)





Directed by Rıza Baloğlu
Written by Burçak Evren and Sevinç Baloğlu
Music by Mercan Dede
Narrated by Tilbe Saran
Cast: Arkın Allen, Tilbe Saran

Documentary / 2006 / 47 minutes
In English
As a documentary film, “Troia” illuminates the emergence of the ancient city of Troia by tracing an adventurous route beginning from Gallipoli and reaching Greece, Germany, England and Russia.
During the shooting of the film, director Rıza Baloğlu interviewed many archeologists in various places worldwide. He also had the opportunity to record the opinions of the men of science coming from universities around the world during the World Archeology Meetings held in Ankara. Adhering firmly to the principle of objectivity, Troia also covers the opinions of the archeologists who disagree with Dr. Manfred Korfmann’s thesis of Troia being an Anatolian civilization.
The screenplay written by Sevinç Baloğlu and Burçak Evren as the outcome of years of careful research established the foundation for the creation of Troia.
The creators of the documentary have reached a number of resources from letters kept in dusty shelves to about 1000 photographs and historical pieces kept in repositories. Therefore, the documentary also showcases a multitude of historical pieces being exhibited in various countries.
Selected Festivals and Awards:

* Berlin International Film Festival (2007)
* Sole Luna Mediterranean and Islamic International Documentary Festival, Palermo, Italy (2007)
* Kiev International Documentary Film Festival (2007)
* Festroia International Film Festival, Portugal (2007)
* Golden Orange Film Festival, Antalya, Turkey (2007)


  Director RIZA BALOGLU:

Rıza Baloğlu was born in 1953. In 1973 he graduated from the Anadolu University College of Communications with a major in Cinema & TV. He won the third prize in newspaper Vatan’s photography contest on the theme “Freedom” in 1977. In 1979 he opened his first exhibition “Observation” in Eskişehir with three other photographers. In 1983 he opened a personal photography exhibition in the Netherlands, titled “Clouds Flower Too”. The same year he won the First Prize in the IFSAK International Short Film Competition. In 1985 he received Foto Forum Honorary Prize. In 1989, he directed a documentary film titled “Wedding Chest” for TRT. In 1990 he participated in a traveling exhibition that toured Bystica, Budeyovice, Sokolov and Prague. In 1993 he directed another documentary film “A Voice from Mardin”, produced by TRT for EBU. A year later, he directed the 13-episode children’s program “The Garden of Tales”. In 1999, he directed three documentaries “From Versailles to Topkapı”, “The Treasures of the Ottoman Art: Zagreb”, and “War and Peace”. In 2000, he coordinated the production of the documentary “Reflections of the Ottoman Empire in our Cinema”. In 2001 and 2002 he placed his mark under two new documentaries “The Istanbul of Yeşilçam” for National Geographic and “The Portrait of the Sultan” for İşBank. In 2006 he directed “Troia”, produced by TÜRSAK.
Troia (2006)
The Istanbul of Yesilcam (Doc., 2002)
War and Peace (Doc., 1999)
Treasures of the Ottoman Art: Zagreb (Doc., 1999)
From Versailles to Topkapi (Doc., 1999)
The Garden of Tales (13-episode children’s program, 1994)
A Voice from Mardin (Doc., 1993)
Wedding Chest  (Doc., 1989)


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