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March 29 - May 13, 2007



by Dr. Donald Easton

Wednesday, April 11 6:00pm
725 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 224
Boston University

Did the Trojan War Take Place?

Much scholarly water has flowed under the bridge since, in the 1950s, Carl Blegen and Denys Page argued for the essential historicity of the Trojan War. This lecture explores the current state of the question by examining the three relevant classes of evidence: the literary tradition, the contemporary historical sources and the archaeology of the site itself. And there is a new suggestion as to the origins of the Trojan Horse. Short bibliography and/or website on lecture topic (for lay reader): David Traill, Schliemann of Troy: Treasure and Deceit (John Murray, 1995) I. Antonova, V. Tolstikov, M. Treister (ed. D.F. Easton) The Gold Of Troy: Searching for Homer’s fabled City, (Thames and Hudson 1996) Carl W. Blegen, Troy and the Trojans, (Thames and Hudson, 1962) Michael Wood, In Search of the Trojan War, (BBC 1985)

Priam's Gold: The Straightforward Story of a Controversial Treasure

Schliemann’s Troy Treasures, including the famous “Priam’s Treasure”, disappeared from the Berlin Museums at the end of World War II. For decades there was total mystery as to what had become of them until, in 1993, the Russians admitted to having had them ever since 1945. This lecture unravels the extraordinary story of this collection, addressing in the process the two controversial questions: who do the treasures now properly belong to, and were they ever authentic in the first place? The lecturer is one of the few scholars to have handled the material in modern times.

Troy: New Reflections on an Old Site

Since 1988 there have been new excavations under the leadership of Professor Manfred Korfmann (late of the University of Tübingen) which in some respects have revolutionized our picture of Troy in the Late Bronze Age. Drawing on their findings and on other recent studies this lecture asks what we now know about the archaeology of this famous site, how it fits into the history of the surrounding area, and what (if anything) it can tell us about the historicity of the Trojan War.

Dr. Donald Easton, Independent Scholar

Donald F. Easton specializes in Archaeology, History and Languages of pre-classical Anatolia and articles pertaining to Schliemann, Troy. Donald was educated in England earning (among other degrees) an MA with Distinction in Western Asiatic Archaeology as well as a PhD in Archaeology from London. In 1990, Easton was honored with the Schliemann Medal by the Berlin Academy of Sciences.



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