Boston Turkish Film and Music Festival6th ANNUAL BOSTON TURKISH FILM FESTIVAL SM
March 29 - May 13, 2007


-- Workshop --

by Feridun Ozgoren


Musician and Ebru artist Feridun Ozgoren (left) with Niyazi Sayin


Monday, May 7    11:00am    
Musical Instruments Gallery, Museum of Fine Arts,
465 Huntington Avenue, Boston
Use the main MFA entrance on Huntington Avenue, First Floor.


Local artist, instrument maker, and musician Feridun Ozgoren will talk about the history, construction, and music of Turkish long-necked lutes, such as the tanbur, saz and baglama. He will demonstrate various modern instruments from his own collection, and an early twentieth century baglama belonging to the MFA will be available for examination.

Co-presented with the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston



After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in economics from Istanbul University, Feridun Ozgoren started working for the State Institute of Statistics. In 1973 he came to the United States for an advanced degree in biostatistics at the University of Michigan. He obtained a masters degree in 1978 from the School of Public Health where he later worked as a research associate.

Ozgoren is also a musician and artist. His collaboration with several American musicians led to the founding of the EurAsia Ensemble in 1983 with the aim of studying and performing the traditional forms of Turkish music. In addition, he enjoys making classical instruments, including tanbur, ud, kemence, ney, latva, and bendir. During the last 10 years, Ozgoren has been the director of the Cambridge Mûsiki Cemiyeti, a choral and instrumental group devoted to Turkish music. He also practices ebru since 1986, which he learned from Niyazi Sayin, a highly respected artist and a master musician living in Istanbul. Ozgoren's distinctive style combines the rich patterns and sumptuous colors of traditional ebrû with the highly powerful inscriptions of Ottoman calligraphy.


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